Friday, 26 April 2013

Evaluation Question 7 script

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

My creative post on this question I understand may be quite hard to hear and understand, therefore I have typed up the copy of the script in which I used. 
Within this process of making our product I have learnt many new important ways to work and deal with new technologies. The most important technologies i have used is the  film recorder and its equipment and an apple mac with all it's softwares I have used such as final cut and livetype. 

Film Recorder

  • Tapes are difficult to upload straight to the computer because of the leads involved.
  • you have to be very careful with the tape filming  because it is easy to film over if you watch it back and then forget to fast forward the tape back to the
  • Cameras with adjustable microphones do in fact pick up every sound in the background and so the place must be silent so the noise wanted to be recorded is heard with clarity and correction.
  • The lighting in which you film within is very important because even with the slightest darkness it is difficult to see the surroundings.
  • Zooming in and out make the pictures fuzzy and so it is best just to move closer personally.


  • It is best to film with a stand otherwise if you use just your hand then your pictures will be very shaky and unclear on screen.
  • Camera should be fully charged to get the best quality of filming you intend to have.
  • The tape you use should be new for each film you attempt to make otherwise you have the danger of having other film on your sequence. 

The Computer

  • Final cut is a very good app to use to edit your filming.
  • Editing takes a very long time to get everything precise and if you want your film to flow you must make objects that you are editing in fade in and our otherwise they will appear suddenly and abruptly making your film look unprofessionally and messy.
  • You should record a movement at least three or four times in order to be able to edit it clearly and as a backup if the other recordings where shaky or had a problem within them.
  • Music is also an important part of technology that makes the film, without it our film wouldn't of had the dramatic, suspended feel to it.
  • Within the editing process you must use final cut and fade in and out extra products on top of the film itself.
  • Livetype can be used to create credits, must appear on the screen long enough to be able to read, must be clear.

Evaluation Question 7

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Evaluation Question 6

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you fell you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

My group started upon the making of our preliminary task having not that much experience within the making or filming a film clip or editing software on an Apple Mac. We had no idea how to film and just set out to do so knowing that we had to include 4 main aspects of camera usage. Our match on action was reasonably good however throughout the film the camera would move. The lighting was dim and the sound location wasn't ideal. I feel as if we have very much learnt from these mistakes and as a result our final product is much better. I have therefore, identified in the film below all the key aspects as of which I have learnt from the preliminary task and the difference between that and our final product.

Evaluation Question 5 continued

Evaluation Question 5

How did you attract/address your target audience?

By carrying out some interviews and surveys it is obvious that we attracted the right Target audience. And this was done through the use of a main protagonist and having a narrative. It also addressed them by having the title of the film as Stockholm Syndrome, a syndrome which people are familiar with so understand romance is involved. Again the introduction to both characters addressed our female audience because clearly from some of those interviews already they were question what would happen between the two of them.

Evaluation Question 4 continued

Reasonings for whether or not our target audience changed from what we originally wanted our product to target

Evaluation Question 4

Who is the target audience for your product?

The target audience for our product was originally females under the age of 18. This in my opinion has stuck throughout the final production. However, I feel as if the actual target audience for the final product was different to what we originally wanted. This was because the portrayal of a 'girly' feel to the opening lacked a little and the overall story-line evoked our target audience rather than our product itself.